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Release 1

Chapter 2 - Mister Zimmermann

Mr Zimmermann is a man. Mr Zimmermann is in the western thoroughfare. The printed name of Mr Zimmermann is "desolate looking man". Mr Zimmermann is improper-named. Understand "man" as Mr Zimmermann. Understand "desolate looking man" as Mr Zimmermann. The description of Mr Zimmermann is "He looks like he can burst into tears at any moment."

The default greeting of Mr Zimmermann is "You approach [the Mr Zimmermann]."

The topic list of Mr Zimmermann is the Table of Mr Zimmermann Topics.

Understand "desolation" or "being desolate" as Mr Zimmermann.

Table of Mr Zimmermann Topics

Mr Zimmermann"[one of]'And who might you be?', you ask.[or]'I'm terribly sorry, but I forgot your name', you say.[stopping][paragraph break]'My name is Mr. Zimmermann, and I'm the tragic owner of this once-thriving hardware store,' he answers."
hardware store "[one of]You carefully broach the subject of the hardware store. [The Mr Zimmermann] takes a deep breath, composes himself, and starts to talk. [paragraph break]'[if Mr Zimmermann is not familiar]Let me introduce myself; my name is Mr. Zimmermann. [end if]The hardware store you are looking at has been my pride and joy for years; I started this store singlehandedly when Dodge Town was founded four years ago. Since that time, I have supplied the local populace and travelers alike with a multitude of items and goods. [paragraph break]But now the strangest of events had caused me to close the store. You see, my store has been overrun by bunnies. And when I say overrun, I refer to an infestation of biblical proportions. The little buggers are everywhere: on the floor, in the cupboards, behind the counter, yes even my cellar has not been spared.[paragraph break]And with me being as allergic to bunnies as a priest is to sin, I had no other option but to close down business.'[or]You carefully listen to [the Mr Zimmermann] talking about his woes, but the gist stays the same: the store is closed due to an infestation of bunnies.[stopping]"
entrance"'What's up with the door?', you ask.[paragraph break][if the infestation is known]'It's a door, ' [the Mr Zimmermann] responds, 'I've bolted it shut when I discovered the bunnies. Now no-one can go in or out.'[otherwise]'It's closed, just like my beautiful store,' [the Mr Zimmermann] answers while trying to keep his voice steady."
fork"[one of]'Can you sell me a fork?', you ask. 'I'd like to eat this steak, you see.'[paragraph break]'I would, if I could,' [the Mr Zimmermann] answers. 'But as you can see, the shop is closed.'[or]'Do you know of another place where I could get a fork?'[paragraph break]'Unfortunately not,' [the Mr Zimmermann] replies. 'This is the only hardware store in town.'[cycling]"
the infestation of bunnies"'I see,' you say to [the Mr Zimmermann], 'you have a mysterious infestation of bunnies, preventing me from getting a fork and thereby preventing me from getting dinner. Do you have any idea what might stop this infestation?'[paragraph break]"

Instead of interrogating Mr Zimmermann about the sign:

try interrogating Mr Zimmermann about the store.

After interrogating Mr Zimmermann about Mr Zimmermann:

now the printed name of Mr Zimmermann is "Mr. Zimmermann";

now Mr Zimmermann is proper-named;

now Mr Zimmermann is familiar;

After interrogating Mr Zimmermann about hardware store:

now the printed name of Mr Zimmermann is "Mr. Zimmermann";

now Mr Zimmermann is proper-named;

now Mr Zimmermann is familiar;

now the infestation of bunnies is familiar.

Does the player mean interrogating Mr Zimmermann about the Liquor Store: it is very unlikely.