Dinner at the Long Branch Saloon — 20 of 27


Release 1

Part 4 – The Cast

Chapter 1 - The Barman

The barman is a man. The barman is in the saloon. The description of the barman is "This guy looks like he has been standing behind the bar for at least three days straight without any sleep. His [moustache] is yellow with nicotine stains."

The associated image of the barman is "barman.jpg".

The moustache is part of the barman. The description of the moustache is "Years of smoking has turned this moustache slightly yellow."

The topic list of the barman is the Table of Barman Topics.

The default greeting of the barman is "You approach the barman: 'Good afternoon'.

'A good afternoon to you as well, sir. How may I help you? '"

Table of Barman Topics

item reply
dinner"'I'd like some food,' you say. [paragraph break][if the player carries the steak]'I was under the impression you were already served a beautiful steak,' the barman answers. He does not seem to be inclined to give you another steak.[otherwise]'But of course,' [the barman] replies, '[one of]such a desire is not unheard of. But could you be so kind as to first make a choice from our menu?[or]Have you made your choice after carefully examining our menu?[stopping]'"
menu"'Can you tell me more about the menu?' you ask. [paragraph break]

'[one of]Considering the multitude of choices presented on our menu, I'd suggest you examine the menu yourself.[or]But of course,' he answers. 'Our menu is a work of beauty, if I may say so myself. But please examine the menu.[stopping]'"
steak"'One steak please,' you ask. [paragraph break][if the player does not have the steak]'STEAK!,' [the barman] shouts at a hidden back room. A few moments later, the cook scurries out of the back room and presents a large grilled piece of meat. [paragraph break] [The barman] slams the steak on a plate. 'Here you are, sir, one of the finest steaks in Dodge Town. Recently slaughtered and lovingly prepared for your pleasure.'[paragraph break]The barman hands you a steak.[otherwise]'I'm afraid I've already given you the last steak available.'"
spoon"[if the player has the steak]It's a steak, not a bowl of soup. There is no need to ask [the barman] for a spoon.[otherwise]Why would you want to ask the barman about a spoon?"
fork"I'd like a fork to eat this,' you suggest.[paragraph break]'A fork?', the barman responds. [one of]If this were a famous and fancy hotel we might comply with your wishes. But this is just a lowly saloon. You might want to go outside, and then visit the hardware store.[or]'If I recall correctly, I have already suggested you look elsewhere. Just go outside and then go to the hardware store.'[stopping]"
barman"'So, who are you exactly?', you ask. [paragraph break]'I'm the barman', he answers. 'So if you need anything to eat, just ask me.'"
Long Branch Saloon"'It's a nice saloon you've got here,' you remark.[paragraph break]'Well sir, would that it were mine, but it ain't. I was here when mr. Original Owner built it not four years ago and I've been manning this bar ever since, but it ain't mine.'"

After interrogating the barman about the steak, move the steak to the player.

After interrogating the barman about the fork, now the hardware store is familiar.