Dinner at the Long Branch Saloon — 12 of 27


Release 1

Chapter 3 - Getting Dinner

Obtaining Dinner is scene.

Obtaining Dinner begins when play begins.

Obtaining Dinner ends when the hardware store is mentioned.

The steak is an unfamiliar edible thing.

The description of the steak is "A lovely steak.".

Before dropping the steak, say "Why would you want to drop such a lovely steak?" instead.

The associated image of the steak is "steak.jpg".

The fork is an unfamiliar portable thing.

The spoon is a familiar subject.

The hardware store is unmentioned.

Before going outside from the Long Branch Saloon during Obtaining Dinner: say "Not without your dinner." instead.

The dinner is a subject. Understand "food" as dinner.

After eating the steak, end the story finally saying "That was a good steak."

Before eating the steak:

if the player is not carrying the fork:

now the fork is familiar;

say "[first time]You notice that you don't have a fork on you. And let's be honest: [only]Eating steak without a fork? You might be an outlaw, but you are no barbarian!" instead.

After interrogating the barman about the fork:

now the hardware store is mentioned.

Test part1 with "go outside / ask barman about dinner / ask barman about menu / x menu / ask barman about steak / ask barman about steak / drop steak / eat steak / ask barman about fork / go outside".